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We will soon be releasing our first release from :

Naked Movie Star ! -try this on-

an instrumental band delivering a chaotic onslaught of guitar noise mayhem  in the spirit of
-The Afflicted Man, Acid Mothers Temple, 50 Foot Hose, High Rise and Flying Saucer Attack -
...not in that order...... but maybe a bit more guitarded and sloppy if you can even imagine.....

Paranoia Propeller Records will also be releasing the following in the coming months :

Brother JT and Vibrolux - Dosed and Confused-

A rerelease of a rare live album that was recorded
and sold as a tour only CD. This CD consists of live tracks recorded from
1994-1997 and was mixed by JT himself.

The Mediums - Uneasy Listening-

Indie legend Brother JT releases a new 2004 instrumental album with influences of
Miles Davis' electric years... think "In a Silent Way", "On the Corner".
3- 15 minute tracks of musical delight.

Paranoia Propeller Records -Sampler-

A compilation album with some of the hardest to find
recordings ever compiled.... with such obscure artists as:
Meatballhead, Sex Kitten, ToddAO35, Quifer Sutherland,
The Pros and Cons of Arthur Fonz, An Enormous Bird, Electromonica ,
Goofus and Gallant!, The Furverts, US Cholera Blanket, Boy with a Heart Murmur
and many more ........

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